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Theresa Breslin



Synopsis: REMEMBRANCE follows the lives of five young people through World War 1. A time of huge change and upheaval, with issues of pacifism, militarism, emancipation of women and the development of sociological ideas. It examines the concept of human expression through Art and Literature.

War Poets. The book touches on the role of the literature of World War 1, some of which gave the first true reports on life at the Front, and expressed the emotions and feelings of frustration anger and despair on behalf of the soldiers, e.g. Sassoon (Ref. prologue and epilogue) and publication of his verse during the War (Ref. pages 227 - 229)

Character development e.g. Maggie (Ref. pages 63, 64, 171, 179)

Female emancipation (suffragettes) Role of women in war e.g. Charlotte (Ref. pages 11,12, 81)

Equality / Education / Class (Ref. pages 34, 35, 115, 169,170)

Pacifism / Militarism - Conscientious objectors. The world after 11th September 2001 (Ref. pages 95-101, 269, 276)

Censorship, media reports etc (Ref. pages 59,60, 162-165)

Use of language within the book. (Ref. Reviews: "…beautiful prose" Bookseller. "…immensely readable, passionately written epic." Guardian. "…lyrical…, a fascinating exploration of all the complex facets of war." The Herald.)