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Theresa Breslin


EVENT: Edinburgh Book Festival - Thursday 18th August at 5pm.

CAGED!  ~  due in 2016

Kai, Raven and Leo are Cage Fighters. With other street kids - Beowulf, Medusa, Boudicca and Magog - they live inside dens in the old tunnels of the London Underground to battle in the illegal Cage Fighters for Freedom Tournament. Suddenly Bird Girl arrives to upset their plan, and... deep below ground, in the dark, something is seriously wrong.


As President of CILIPS (Chartered Institute of Librarians and Information Professionals in Scotland) Theresa will attend various national conferences of Library and Information Professionals:

APRIL:  14-15 April: CILIP Ireland / LAI Joint Conference in Killarney

MAY:  26-27 May: CILIP CYMRU Welsh Conference in Swansea

JUNE:  6-7 June: CILIPS Scottish Conference in Dundee

JULY:  12-13 July: CILIP Conference in Brighton

PLUS meetings with Scottish Branch Groups throughout the year.