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Theresa Breslin

Launch of a newsletter!

A regular newsletter all about Theresa primarily for librarians has just launched. Packed with behind-the-scenes information, photos, event report and offers, it's a must-read resource for anyone spreading the joy of books to younger people.


For up to date information re the protests about Library Cuts see

the Theresa Breslin Facebook page and her interview about why libraries are so important

Visit to Farnborough Hill School

winners of the Prisoner of the Inquisition drama competition

Theresa recently went to Farnborough Hill School to present the prize certificate, meet the winning team and give some presentations about her books and writing. Details and pictures on the Page to Stage page.


Curriculum for Excellence

With her Magic Factory books as a basis, award-winning writer Theresa Breslin, author of over 30 books for young people (including Divided City and Whispers in the Graveyard) has worked with teachers to produce a FIRST LEVEL CURRICULUM FOR EXCELLENCE  (5-14 Level A/B) comprehensive teaching plan to cover all eight areas of the Curriculum for Excellence which also allows you to transfer existing Knights and Castles resources to a cross-curricular novel-based Curriculum for Excellence resource.