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Theresa Breslin

New School Blues

New School Blues book jacketFirst term at the Big School... Why is it you have to put up with spots, metal contraptions for teeth and thick-framed glasses just at that most sensitive time of your life?

But these are the least of Mary's problems. Her new-found friend Jamie seems about to lead her into all sorts of trouble. Making their way home from school along a forgotten footpath, they narrowly escape a ferocious bull. A battle is in store when they insist that the bull should not be allowed on a public right of way. Little do they imagine to what lengths the farmer is prepared to go!

Meanwhile at school new subjects from sex education and basic soldering to French and Drama keep their minds well stressed. Worst of all are the deadly dinner queues and obnoxious prefects stalking the corridors - the last thing they need. But help is at hand when Mary and Jamie discover that parents and teachers are human after all - well some of them!