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Theresa Breslin


Amanda Craig

"A superb historical thriller"
"…rich in dramatic incident…"

Not only is (The Medici Seal) a gripping historical thriller, it is an exceptionally touching exploration of a relationship between a man and a boy. Leonardo da Vinci, the ultimate Renaissance man, is a fascinating figure and a children's novel about him is overdue. His fastidiousness, compassion, intellectual curiosity, wit and boundless creativity are all described by Breslin with deft scholarship and sympathy...
This is an enchanting novel about genius, and a gift to an enquiring mind.



"Summer readers will be well satisfied…"

Becky Stradwick, children's buyer at Borders picks the best teenage titles published between July and December, and chooses THE MEDICI SEAL as one of the four Big Sellers.

"THE MEDICI SEAL is more than just a Da Vinci Code for kids, though its timing and jacket may suggest otherwise. A young boy is saved from drowning by the companions of Leonardo da Vinci and he becomes apprenticed to the Maestro, learning at close quarters about the creation of his art and the late night human dissections that inform his draughtsmanship. But Leonardo is the appointed engineer to Cesare Borgia and the young boy carries a secret that the ruthless commander is desperate to obtain. This is a richly drawn and fascinating look at 16th century Italy whose skilful storytelling should spell considerable commercial success." The Bookseller 16th June 2006


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