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Theresa Breslin
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Dream Master


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Have you ever woken up in the middle of a really good dream? Just at the most exciting bit, when something sensational is about to happen? It’s happened to me - tons of times. Then, one day I think… supposing you could get back into your own dream…?


When I was in Cairo Museum in Egypt, our guide Heva led us to the tomb relics of Tutankhamun. And… I looked upon the face of the Boy King.

There stood his Pharaoh Throne with back of beaten gold. It showed Tutankhamun sitting - his Queen anointing him with perfume. On her foot one sandal, while he wears the other. I wonder… could this be a sign of great affection between two people?

I love hieroglyphics. Mysterious symbols telling secret things. I imagine drawing all those shapes. Were they as hard to form as our alphabet?

Would it make a difference if you carved out your letters? What if you engraved them into a soft thick surface?

To help Cy practice his writing, Aten shows him the Egyptian Letter Learner. Pressing outlines deep into the wet sand allows Cy to form his letters in an other way. A bit like having an extra Dimension…?

My books are pathways to other Dimensions.

I think…. I wonder…. I imagine…

That’s how I write my stories.

Theresa Breslin

Egyptian frieze