Celtic rope image
Theresa Breslin


A dark stain, spreading...

A young man lies bleeding in the street
It could be any street in any city
But it's not

It's Glasgow, and it's May - the marching season.
The Orange Walks have begun.

Graham doesn't want to get involved, he just wants to play football with his new mate, Joe.
But when he witnesses a shocking moment of violence suddenly he and Joe are involved.
With a young Muslim Asylum seeker and his girlfriend.
With Catholics, and with Protestants.

With all the old rivalries... and fears.

Stage Production

A wonderfuly successful stage version of DIVIDED CITY took place in May 2011 and January 2012 in sell-out shows. The production was a joint Youth Music Initiative project created and funded by The Citizens Theatre, Glasgow City Council Education Services and Scott & Co. Two pupils from every secondary school in the city were invited to form the cast, reflecting the novel’s message of tolerance and friendship.
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DIVIDED CITY has won the Catalyst and the RED book awards and was shortlisted for eight others

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