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Theresa Breslin

Bullies at School


Book synopsis – Siobhan is unhappy at school. Tormented by some classmates she feels unable to confide in her teacher or her mum. She has no one to talk to, no one to play with. One day she finds a strange brooch and it seems to help her… it makes her stronger. But then Siobhan realises that to take revenge means that she might herself become a bully, and so she must find the courage to speak out against the bullies.

Did you know that:
You don’t have to be brave to be a bully - but you do have to be brave to be bullyproof!


DON’T join in with teasing and taunting others
DON’T buy bullies off with sweets or money
DON’T hit back

DO TELL SOMEONE. It doesn’t make you a sneak/grass/tell-tale. Find someone you can trust and tell them
DO try to stay with larger groups of people
DO shout NO! or GO AWAY! in a loud voice
DO try to stay away from places where bullies hang around

IT HAPPENS by Theresa Breslin

It happens in the playground
It happens in the loo
They wait outside the school gate
Just to pick on you

Torment you, taunt you, call you names
Won’t let you join in any games

It happens at the bus stop
It happens in the class
They always know the right time
No adult walking past

Push you, pull you, nip and squeeze
Saying cruel things, just to tease

It happens in the corridor
It happens in the yard
They used to be your pals once
Now they hit you – hard

Take your sweets and crisps and money
Laugh at you, pretend its funny

It happens all the time
No one’s ever there to see
What I’d like to know is,
Why’s it always me?


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